“Rideau Canal” Collection

The Rideau Canal waterway is now a world heritage site and I wanted tocelebrate that in my art. The “Green Mysteries” and  “In the Drowned Lands” series explore ideas about the “drowned lands” area created in the early 19th century when whole forests were submerged to create a slackwater canal system. (cf. Ken Watson’s website) We still find evidence above and below the waterline of the forests’ former vibrant life.  Flooded forests suggest to me hidden beauty, ever-changing shapes, live underlayers, penetrating light, shimmering surfaces, fish-scale transparent colours. Below the waterline, mysterious drowned forests created ideal fish breeding grounds; above the line, trees still stand as strange twisted presences while the surface of the reflecting waters holds in memory plants long drowned. These themes continually attract me, and here I interpret them richly with tactile and light reflective media.